the cure - underneath the stars

more lyrical analysis. underneath the stars is a great song; i think it's relatively simple, but it conveys so much emotion and it's just so beautiful. it never fails to provoke a reaction in me.

Floating here like this with you Underneath the stars Alight for 13 billion years The view is beautiful And ours alone tonight Underneath the stars

the singer describes being alone with their lover on a starry night. they are enamored with eachother, they are all that matters, they float in a void of only the stars and their love, all of their worries temporarily forgotten in this place of primordial beauty.

Spinning round and round with you Watching shadows melt the light Soft shining from our eyes Into another space Is ours alone tonight Watching shadows melt

they dance, they spin, graceful, gazing at eachothers, turning and flowing in the most beautiful way possible, their eyes reflecting both eachother and the stars above, shadows and light melting flowing as they do, again the only constants their love and the stars.

And the waves break And the waves break....

this line was a bit of a difficulty for me. i couldn't figure out how to tie in the waves with the rest of the narrative i've been building. it sounds so melancholy, like a bubble bursting, being pulled back down to earth; but no, that can't be it, can it? no, no, of course not. so i settled on an alternate interpretation: rather than focus on 'break', i focused on 'waves'. waves of love, light, emotion, happiness, longing, crashing and flowing over the two lovers in this most intimate of moments.

Whisper in my ear a wish "We could drift away" Held tight Your voice inside my head The kiss is infinite And ours alone tonight "We could drift away"

their dance stops, they stand alone underneath the stars. they hold eachother close, they whisper about their fantasies of drifting away, making this temporary nighttime escape a permament one, rising above the earth and all the difficulties that come with it, tasks and responsibilties and hardships, taking this space they have found for themselves alone and keeping it. they embrace and kiss, more waves radiating out, but not breaking, simply flowing on forever into the void. they whisper again. they want to drift away.

And everything gone And all still to come As nothing to us Together as one In each others arms So near and so far Forever as now Underneath the stars

they engage in a sort of rebellious melancholy. they acknowledge that no matter how hard they try they can never drift away the way they want to, that they have to eventually return (as it is put in 'out of this world', they always have to go back to real lives, but real lives are why they stay), they become agitated together, angry at this world and its confines that don't allow them to live how they want to. they engage in a sort of defiance: 'it's nothing to us!' but they understand that this is futile. their words change nothing. they will have to return to their ordinary lives whether they want to or not. they are so far away, removed from those lives, and yet they are so close to them. they pull eachother closer, make the most of the moment. they can't make it last forever, but THEY WILL MAKE IT LAST FOREVER.

As the waves break...

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