inspired by the piece 'light of life' at the north carolina art museum: light of life exhibit

the spaceboy looked around. he was surrounded by lights. they went on forever. lights above him, lights below him, lights to his left, his right. they were colorful, every color. he had never seen such color in his life. nothing he had seen, in all of his earthly and celestial travels, no plant or animal or planet or star, compared to the lights surrounding him now. they didn't flash, they weren't harsh. the colors melted into one another, seamlessly shifting, blending, swirling, flowing. he almost couldn't see the changes, and yet he could see all of them. it was like being surrounded by water, submerged in an ocean of color and light. he was alone, and yet he wasn't; he had his millions upon millions of glowing companions all around him. he raised his arms, leaned back his head, and took it in. the lights, his friends; the space they floated in with him, his playground. a wave of calm washed over him. he felt peaceful. he felt happy.

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