pale saints - sea of sound

sea of sound is a song i really like. it's calm and peaceful and ohmygod i just love it. i've never actually looked at the lyrics, so i looked them up today and i thought they were kinda interesting. have some lyrical analysis

Your body's cold, you're on the bed I'm the only one who knows you're there I'm reeling in that silver line The cord that brings you back in time

this to me feels like a line about grief. someone the narrator loves has just died. the funeral is long over, and the day is fading fast. they are alone in the room with the body. they kneel by the bed it rests on, head in hands but not crying, feeling alone. but what if they could be not alone? what if they could bring this person back? they could reel in a line and pull them from before their death, back from time, back in time. maybe they would go to them, maybe the person would come to them. they don't care. anything to be with them again.

Reality obscures my view The pain of wanting to When am i going to be a part of you? Your eyes are closed, they're in your hair But i'll make it, just say you care

here we see that maybe the person who died was a lover. this person begins to think of the love they and their lover shared, fantasize about what might have been had not death intervened. and then cold reality comes, not violently ripping the fantasy away but (perhaps more malevolently) covering it up, seeping in, obscuring in, till it is invisible. they caress the body, touch its hair, look longingly into its eyes. they want almost to be a part of it. to be one with their lover, to be with them, even if that means dying. they admire the body, the features they loved so much in life, blending together: they admire their hair, the eyes, wish to merge with their own, see the eyes int he hair, the hair in the eyes, love it even as it becomes more grotesque. they could pull through, escape this trance, if only the person would come back, say one more word. just affirm that they still love them in death.

When everyone has had their fill You're holding on although you're ill I watch the ripples in the storm Until i have the groove My mind might flow and leave me Over you

they fall deeper into their bizarre mental state. they get into the 'groove', are floating on a plane. memories fall around them: everyone having 'had their fill' of grief, not truly having cared about this lover the way they had. the person's last moments, them trying to cling to life so as not to leave the protagonist behind. the memories, like the fantasy previously, are obscured by reality, only now reality is not just a spectre it is a menacing storm pourign down an acid rain of obscuring, melting these memories and dropping them into a growing ocean and below, ripping. the water rises. maybe the persons mind will get caught in the storm, flow away, leave them empty, all because of their lover. maybe it would be worth it to be a little closer to the memories.

How can you want to stay like this? The choice is ignorance or bliss We'll go together don't be scared It won't take long we'll soon be there When we arrive just look around There's so much to be found We'll sail away upon a sea of sound

the water has covered them. their mind has left them. sound flows around them. it's loud, deafening. they see something the darkness of the ocean: a face. their lovers face. they wonder. why do you stay here? my mind is here! we can go away together! you don't need to be apart from me any longer! and the face lights up, rejoices. a figure walks toward them from the darkness. they embrace, hold hands, rise to the surface. they walk on water. the sound still surrounds them, but together again, tehy realize it is beautiful. the industrial-esque noise at the start of the sound comes to mind. they stride off along the water, realize it si not black and poisonous but clear and beautiful, realizing that having cost off the chains that reality imposed on them they have a new world to explore. they are happy.

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