in the depths of a green forest, birds sing in the trees as silence is extracted from the clouds above, the sun filtering down and baking the deserts around you as you approach the temple. it is tall and triangular, lines on all sides by columns and with three doors. a massive statue, a figure, rises from the roof. the whole structure is covered in leaves and vines and moss, trees even grow from cracks in the stone. but you get the feeling this is not because of decay or lack of care. enter the temple now, the sunlight that came throug the treetops is funnelled down and flows through the windows of the place onto the floor, putting everything under a thin layer of warmth and glow. you pick some up and let it run through your fingers, floating away in the breeze and up through cracks in the ceiling. moving some vines out of the way, you see writing on the wall, glyphs in some tounge you dont understand. you move to the center of the temple, which has some semblance of the reason you were coming to this place, a pool of brilliant light. like the stuff on the floor but more so. the wind blows across you and you take a deep breath, letting in the forest air and the writing and the dusty sunlight. step into the pool and lie down, the water rises and flows over you and you are submerged ripples and waves forming as you are gently pulled down deeper into the light, until you feel a gust of wind and you are lifted up. the light covers you, embraces you, as you rise out of the pool, out of the temple, up into the sky, off this plane into the stars above, a pillar of light taller than you can comprehend and you are at the top. someone is next to you, a figure glowing the same as the light you are suspended in, the figure from the roof of the temple. they whisper some mission in your ear and you know it is the same language that was written on the wall and you dont understand a word but you understand it fully. you understand what you must do. the light bends and shifts, descending back to the temple pool, but not leaving you alone: on your body is a glowing robe. you find yourself moving faster than you can possibly believe, flying past stars and moons and other people on their own missions and watching the forests and deserts and oceans and mountains pass below you until you come to an end. it is the end of the world and it stretches on forever, blankness and emptiness and more than anything youve even seen. you recall the words of the figure, the sounds of its voice, and you fly downward, straight into the ground. at first it seems you will pass through like it is nothing at all, but right before the ground gives way to whatever is beneath it, you are thrown back, feel something telling you no. you try again, repeating the motion, getting a little further each time before being rejected again. inhale, take a deep breath, recall the temple and the wind and the sun on the floor and the beauty of the figure, take a deep breath and feel your robe around you and draw in energy and descend again, sure that you will make it. the ground of the end shifts and you are through, and now you are under it, below the end. a vast tower is here, a lattice of metal and stone and other substances you cannot name with stairways and doors and halls extending from everywhere to everywhere else. light comes through the gaps in the lattice but it is not like the light in the forest, the light of your world, this light doesnt drift, it simply is there, its there on the outside and then its there on the inside too. this light is not a dust, nor a liquid like that in the pool. this light is more akin to an ether, a cloud, the air itself, a word on the wind. you find a doorway, farther down the tower, and float to it, opening it and stepping inside. you feel suddenly more grounded here. your robe has taken on a new quality, its more tangible, more real, less everchanging. your feet are firmly on the ground as you walk down the passage. you can see images all along the walls, images of journeys and worlds far away. the colors are muted and at the same time they are as vibrant as nothing you know. sounds waft up and down, through the air, and though you are not sure where they come from, they are quite beautiful. you pause to listen to them for a moment as you walk, the floor starts to fall away, you can see the tiles crumble into dust and sink until there is nothing left and you are walking on air, and then you fall and you are falling and you are outside the tower now. you knew it was big before, but outside you gain a new sense of its vastness, it fills your entire vision but then you fall away from it until it is nothing more than a dot and then it is gone and you are still falling. you look up and see the ground that pushed you away so many times, you cant quite put your finger on it, cant look it in the eye, it evades you every time, but you know its there. you dont resent it though. keep falling for a while. winged things, maybe birds or something akin to them but also maybe not fly past you sometimes. you gesture towards them and they seem to understand and they look towards you and for a second you have a bond. for a single second you can this creature? have some connection that is different than any other, than anything youve felt before, a beam of warmth spreads between you and you look deeper into it and see that it is a beam of thousands upon thousands of tiny particles, and the beam grows and engulfs the both of you, pulls you in, and then the particles disperse and your beam is gone, the creature and you look away from eachother and float on. you dont see them again. you fall some more. the sun would move in the sky, but this is the end of the world, there is no sun and no sky and maybe even no moving. that could be a moon you see, but it doesnt change either. always full, shining its full light onto you. you fall and spread your arms and close your eyes and breathe deep again, take in all the end ether and a great energy shoots through you. chills down your spine and through your legs and you are awake, your eyes are open and you cant forget anything, it all makes sense and then it passes, you are left to sit in this newfound clarity and wonder. you keep falling for a while until eventually you stop. you look around and get up, your feet finding something firm although you dont see anything. another sound is in the air now, but it is not like the sound in the passage, its ghostly, haunting, and at the same time pitiful, sad, clear as glass and crying and its tears form an ocean that washes over you and as the waves recede you find the sun. you walk a ways and come to a stone. the stone is split down the middle, a jagged split. weeds grow from it, and a trickle of water drips down from it, picking up speed and growing in size until it culminates in a small stream a ways down. the stone has scratchings on it, something that seems to be like a language, and although it is again one you cant understand, it feels more familiar, at the very least similar to one you can. staring at it for a while or no time at all, you piece together that this is where the end of the world ends and blurs into the world again. this tiny brook, grown from a tiny trickle in a split in a stone marks the difference of places. you wonder what that truly means. stepping closer to the stream, you wash your face in the water. its cold but refreshing. you decide to stand still for a while to think, but as you do so, a winged beast flies down and grabs you with its claws and throws you in the air and you are falling again off a cliff. air rushes around you and you feel drops of liquid on your skin, falling from the sky. the liquid falls faster and faster and harder and harder and it begins to pool and rise and waves form and you are falling above a sea and then you fall into it. or maybe it rose over you. you fall deeper and deeper into the sea, the ocean, the light fades away and you are left in a void, a clean void, a pure void. you begin to look around and just as you do, you hear the voice that whispered in your ear, the voice of the temple figure, the voice that gave you that mission you didnt understand, and something snaps and you close your eyes and open them. and now you are back in the forest, a different part of the forst, the temple is nowhere in sight. trees around you, grass underneath your feet, the sun shines down.

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