haii! im sugarfi, but you can call me isabelle (or izzy, or any of my other names). im a programmer and musician, and this is my website. it has links to a lot of stuff i've made, and things i find cool, and generally whatever i feel like putting on it. enjoy your stay and maybe sign my guestbook while you're here!

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music i make

utena waving

i make ambient, noise, and experimental music under the moniker paperclip crown. you can find most of it on my bandcamp, as well as some releases (some as paperclip crown and some as a few aliases i won't bother to name but that you can find on your own if you really want to) on cat playground and maybe some others scattered around the net. i try to make music thats interesting, both conceptually and concretely, and thats emotional and evokes vivid imagery in the mind of the listener. the daw i use is lmms, but a lot of my work is made outside of it, messing with various software and hardware. i use sox quite often. i also write my own little scripts to generate music sometimes, and i've made a few albums that way. i run the netlabel sea level records. i basically always have new music in the works, so stay tuned and maybe follow me on bandcamp if youre interested. there's also my radio station, where i stream albums i like and sometimes mixes.

if you arent content to see what music im listening to on the left side of this page (reload to update that, btw) you can check out this page for a different version of the same thing.


im interested in a lot of stuff, and chances are ill find most things interesting, but the things i do most often revolve around:

other stuff ive made

while most of my creative output is music, i have done a couple other things. i have a little microblog over at i post kinda frequently - its really just a dumping ground for whatever thoughts i have, mostly about music. i have a little script that sends you to a random archived geocities page. its nice to mess around with if youre really, really bored. theres also a bunch of issues of an old zine about the boston music scene that i converted to html and hosted over here, and some music i extracted from a cd of the game rise of nations gold over here. theres some visuals for a few of my ambient albums on my youtube channel. other than that, theres my git server that has any code on there i deemed good enough to release. oh, and over on truttlecities i have a fiction writing project that at this point ill probably never get around to updating. there's also some other stuff i've written, but as of right now it's not hosted anywhere - i'll try to get to that at some point.

music i like

girl dancing around

i like a lot of music; i try to listen to a wide range of genres and artists, and to seek out obscure artists. because of this, im usually listening to different stuff week to week, if not day to day, so its tough to nail down my favorites per se, but ill try anyway. the genres im most into are ambient, noise (harsh noise, ambient noise, noise rock, industrial, experimental, etc.), indie rock, midwest emo, shoegaze, folk, lofi, hyperpop, electronica, breakcore, post rock, and really anything thats sad, angry, or gay, depending on my mood. a list of my favorite artists would be long and a pain to keep updated, so i will restrict myself to just a few of my favorite albums instead:

names, pronouns, and other things

goth girl

im unlabelled, i suppose. im transfeminine and nonbinary and gay and queer and i usually call myself whatever i feel like. you can call me isabelle, izzy, or cedar. my pronouns are she/her, they/them, and it/its but anything other than he/him is ok.

picrew of a girl with devil horns

other cool websites

vaea v.'s website melonking's website

ill add more cool websites as i find them, maybe. if you wanna link to this website on your own page, here's a button for it: button

contact me

if for whatever reason you want to get in touch with me, you can email, or message me on discord at usrbingirl#4431. i'm a minor, don't be weird.

what song am i listening to?

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